For many years we have specialised in the design and manufacture of ecological and energy-efficient central heating boilers. Thanks to many years of experience, qualified staff, and continuous development, our products are characterised by solid workmanship and high quality. In addition to sales, we offer services in steel construction, cutting, bending and welding.

Laser cutter

We offer precise laser cutting of even the most complex shapes, while maintaining the highest quality. We have a 6 kW fibre laser with a working area of 3000x1500mm, together with a pipe and profile turner. We cut materials such as black steel, stainless steel or aluminium with the highest precision. Laser-cut parts are in most cases ready for use immediately after cutting, without additional processing, what is more, thanks to the high concentration of the laser beam, the temperature, does not change the properties and structure of the metal.


We provide laser cutting services for

- black sheets with a maximum thickness of 20 mm,

- stainless steel sheets with a maximum thickness of 12 mm,

- aluminium sheets with a maximum thickness of 12 mm

- coated colour sheets